Day 5: Kamikochi

Kamikochi is a small rural town but hundreds of people flock to it every year for a very good reason. This area of Japan is famous for its running sapphire coloured rivers, autumn colour, thick forest hikes/walks and abundance of wildlife.

The Best Summer Colour!

Creating colourful displays around the garden is a great way to break up patches of green but also to inject a bit of 'personality' to the mix! Here are my top summer flowering plants!

Boots Off Sunday: Garden Update

I have kicked my boots off and I have had a quiet weekend in the garden. The garden is happy with all the rain we have had over the last few days.But I have been sitting inside, trapped in the house looking out to the garden.... Wishing to be out there planting. But with heavy…

Day 5: Part 2 – An amazing View

The Journey to the top begins. Supplies packed and backpacks on we made our way to the beginning point of the hike. The starting point was picturesque. The autumn colour was beautiful... The golden glow to the trees was already a highlight to the start of the day. The start of the hike already proved…

Day 5: Up too Early – Part 1

Adventure awaits!Today we woke up very, very early...5:30am to be exact! It was extremely cold, all the plants were frozen and ice covered the fields. We had planned to do the Mt. Yakedake hike early to make the most of the day as the hike would take a full day to complete. The six of…

Japan Day 4: Lucky

It was a lucky day.  Mt.Fuji greeted us from behind the clouds as we awoke that morning. We sat taking in the view for a good 10 minutes before the clouds slowly created a veil over the face of the mountain.  We stopped by a sport clothing store to pick up a jacket as I…

Japan Day 3: The Road Trip

Can you picture a small SUV van with 6 foreigners and suitcases pilled in? We are all jammed packed but ready for the adventure to begin!