Review: Jardin de Fleur Seeds

Upon moving into my new property I have been re-inspired to start growing my own plants from seed. For two reasons 1) it is very cost effective 2) there is a great selection of beautiful and unusual plants that you can grow from seed.

Just another Spring Day

Oh boy.... It has been awhile since I last wrote to you all. Life has been busy, I have been doing a lot of filming with The Garden Gurus. Have you seen the stories? If not, you can find some of my videos below

A Gardeners Love Story

THE LOVE STORY What started your interest in plants? I have always been fascinated by plants from a very young age. I started teaching myself about plants from around the age of 8, at the age of 10 I would watch TV shows and read gardening literature. I remember looking up at the trees and thinking…

Winter Gardening: Things to do!

What a cold and wet start to the beginning of winter it has been.... The rainfall has brought a lot of joy to many Melbourne gardeners, but the cold temperatures are always a lot harder to be happy about. However, after the recent bush fires in my local area the cool change has been a…

4 Winter Blooms that are a must!

With a lack of colour from many perennial plants during this time of year this is when annuals can really be that savour to any great garden!

The New Chicken House

For the longest time we have been planning on building a new chicken house. It has taken over a year to get to this point but we finally got there!! Our old one was not very secure, dark and dusty. It was here on the property when we first brought it a few years ago.…

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! There are simple things that we can do everyday which can help take a step in the right direction. As gardeners, Horticulturists, one of our biggest concerns is the decline of the humble bee.