Behind The Pages: About Me

Behind the pages of The Gardener’s Notebook! Nature’s storyteller

Hi, my name is Bonnie-Marie and I am a qualified Horticulturist. I first started writing blogs back in 2012 and started up The Gardener’s Notebook website as a way for me to express my love for plants, photography and my desire to inspire others to get outside in the garden. I post multiple blogs a week that range from plant culture, open gardens (follow me around), weekly highlights (Boots off Sunday), photo of the week (Natures pic), DIY/ How to videos and much more!

More about me:
From the age of 8 I was intrigued by plants and have always had a healthy interest in how they grew. As my fascination grew over the years, by the age of 10 I started to teach myself everything I could about plants. By the age of 15 I decided I wanted to go to TAFE one day a week to study a Certificate 2 in Horticulture. A year later I was given the opportunity to do work experience at a recognised nursery and was shortly later offered a 4 year apprenticeship in retail Horticulture. I accepted right away and left my high school life behind to start working full time.

bonnie-marie-grow-better-ad-03Whilst working full-time I took it upon myself to take on further studies on top of my Certificate 3 in Horticulture and started a Diploma of Horticulture. During my time as an apprentice I was awarded by the Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria ‘The Apprentice of the Year 2012′. Which I was then asked to come onto the 3AW gardening program, ‘The Big Backyard’, with Darren James and Jane Edmanson to be interviewed. Since then I have made guest appearances on the show sharing plant knowledge, taking caller questions, sharing my views on the industry and my knowledge on Japanese garden design. Halfway through my third year in my apprenticeship, I had completed all of my studies and was signed off my apprenticeship and became a qualified Horticulturist by the age of 19.©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2015

I am currently the green life buyer and manager of the seedling department at the nursery I work at. It has been amazing to learn about all the different herbs, vegetables and flowers and I am still loving everyday of it! I am a published writer and have written articles for garden magazines, such as The GardenGurus and garden magazine websites. In 2015, Grow Better Garden Products approached me to become the face of their media campaign on television. Earlier this year (2016) I continued work with Grow Better Garden Products and became the face of their online media campaign and television.

The Gardener’s Notebook is a way for me to share my knowledge, gardening experiences, photography and passion. I love talking to people who are just starting out or have been gardening for years. I hope that I can inspire you and others to get outside and grow a plant for the first time and start gardening.

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All Photography shown is my own, please don’t use.

8 thoughts on “Behind The Pages: About Me

  1. Greetings,
    I stumbled upon your website while trying search for any news related to a commercial I wrote, co-directed and starred in called, “The Gardner’s Notebook” for Monrovia plants and was very taken with your site and pictures, very beautiful. I enjoyed it very much and just wanted to share with you that I appreciated what you are doing and hope that you might like this new approach to advertising plants. As a target demographic, if you had any feedback regarding the film, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time,
    Check out this video on YouTube:

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      1. It’s not the learning that bothers me, it’s the fact that I am too old and arthritic to be able to do much in the way of digging or bending. I shall simply enjoy pottering in my new garden and visiting other people’s!

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