A Year In Review: What Covid has taught me

What can I say about 2020… It has been a year of tremendous challenges, change and value. It seems like a lifetime ago that the hideous bushfire left the forests here in Australia barren of life. The remains of that fire’s destructive nature can be seen throughout the landscape to this very day.

Shortly after the world changed, our daily lifestyles changed. Covid-19 has taught me to value the small things even more and hold onto moments in time as they are so precious.

Career Highlights

I have been very fortunate to have been able to work throughout every lockdown that we faced here in Victoria. My daily work routines changed dramatically throughout the lockdowns as I became the sole operator of keeping the nursery running online during the stage 4 restrictions in Victoria. No matter how tired I became and the endless days of work, I am so humbled to have been told that my contribution was what was able to keep the nursery running during the most difficult of times.

My media career took a turn but not for the worst. Instead, I was unable to film with the Guru film crew as they are based in WA. In normal circumstances I would be flown to Perth or the crew would come out to Victoria for a number of days for filming. Instead, the Garden Guru Team and Channel 9 trusted me to film all my stories and segments. I learnt a lot during this time which has proven to be so valuable. I am proud that I was able to produce videos for television that was up to their standards all by myself.

Doing my own filming opened up new opportunities which allowed me to gain contract work for large building organisation which I am incredibly excited for.

My Garden

With the pandemic in full swing, I think an early prediction was that I would have more time in the garden, but it has been the complete opposite. With almost every weekend taken up by work, my garden was left in the shadows for a majority of the year. However, finally, I have begun to make some progress. Earlier in Spring, I ordered the gravel for the pathways in the vegetable garden and the greenhouse which I have yet to set up.

At the farm, things have been coming along nicely but not being able to go their during the strict restrictions was difficult. The gardens are looking beautiful and the Spring season looked amazing but I missed out on that experience this year. Nevertheless, I will be looking forward to the next Spring that I can see there in the near future.

What have I learnt from Covid-19? I have learnt to be more thankful, patient and willing to try new things. This year has thrown us all a hurdle to jump, and we still have a few more to tackle before we cross that finishing line. I am thankful for you, a supporter, who pushed me to do my best throughout this year. Thank you for your continued support, and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy, safe New Years.

Let’s tackle 2021 head-on!

Let’s sow the seeds today to make tomorrow beautiful.


Until next time, happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

2 thoughts on “A Year In Review: What Covid has taught me

  1. It has been a very odd surreal year. Its so nice to be reading your blogs again & you have time to get back to your garden, yay. I was just wondering what type of gravel do you use for your paths I don’t want to use crusher dust as it is dark & road base like, just curious if there is something else out there i haven’t seen.

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    1. This year has felt very odd, and I think this new year will probably feel much the same for a while. It is nice to escape to the garden and enjoy being outdoors. Thank you for your kind words as well! As for the gravel, I use Dromana toppings as they compact down nicely and are a terracotta colour. 🙂

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