The New Chicken House

For the longest time we have been planning on building a new chicken house. It has taken over a year to get to this point but we finally got there!! Our old one was not very secure, dark and dusty. It was here on the property when we first brought it a few years ago.

Another reason to speed up the process and get building was that we recently got 5 new chickens or as we call them in Australia ‘Chooks’. We really need the room to house them all!

We originally had two chickens left from our original ‘group’. Unfortunately one had passed away and left Ebony, our eldest chicken of 9 years, all alone. We quickly noticed her health started to decline and we thought it was best to get her some feathered friends. As a result, Ebony is running around as the boss of the other 5 chickens and she is loving the captain lifestyle.

In the past we have had concreted floors and a chicken house made to sit directly on-top of the soil/flooring. This time we decided to make their house sit on top stilts with the aim to stop 1) Rodents from nesting under the concert flooring/near the house. 2) Safer for the hens, foxes can’t gain access to the inside of the house at night. 3) A lot easier to clean.

Overall I am so happy with how this chook house has turned out. My dad is the master mind behind this construction and I can’t wait to start collecting eggs!

***Current time: 30/05/2019 – Since writing this blog, unfortunately we lost Spotty one of our new chickens. She sadly had ammonia which we strongly believe she had when we first purchased her. All I can say is I am glad she got to live on the farm for a few months in her short life. As I am sure if she was left at the breeders she wouldn’t have had such a nice lifestyle.

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2019

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