Happy Easter

Hi everyone!!

I wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter holidays! It has been a busy few months for me with work and it seems only in the last few weeks I have been able to spend some time in the garden. I also have only just been able to get back into writing for my blog.

The start of my year has been… What to say…. eventful. I have had a lot of stressful things happen. Some of my love ones were not too well and that took a lot of my time. The Gippsland Fires affected our farm. These fires were over 10k hectares strong within just a few hours. We saw the storm and the very lighting which started the blaze. Today that same fire is now over 15 thousand hectares. However, luckily it is no longer threatening. But at the time we were evacuated and over 28 houses were lost which is heart breaking. I will have a more detailed post coming soon.

Leading up to the moment of the fires I have also been flying in between Perth and Melbourne a lot for filming. This has been a great experience but… oh boy… have I been tired. Working full time and doing TV takes it out of you but I love it and wouldn’t change it.

My poor garden has been put to the side whilst life has been going past so quickly. This year seems to have flown by in a blink…. Over the next few months I am looking forward to spending some time back at the farm before things get busy again later this year.

I hope that the Easter Bunny has left you lots of chocolate eggs around your garden this weekend!

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2019

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. It is saddening to think that there are fires there too. I know it is normal, but I also know how devastating fire can be. Paradise was lost in our fire season just a few months ago. At least 85 people were killed by the Camp Fire there, with three still missing. More than 18,000 buildings were destroyed.


    1. It is always a saddening experience for everyone involved. But I can’t imagine what it would be like for those who lost their homes… let alone their loved ones. It is horrible. But unfortunately Australia is such a dry place fires happen all the time even out of peak season. Also a lot of people start fires in the country which is always silly.

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      1. The lack of fires here has been making the forests more combustible than they naturally are. To make matters worse, those who like to think of themselves as ‘environmentalists’ want to outlaw so much of what we could be doing to manage the forests better.


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