The Best of 2018

What a year it has been. This year has been one of the most rewarding so far and I can not thank you all enough for your amazing support here on my blog. I wanted to share some of my favourite moments from 2018 with you all, so let’s get into it!

Career Highlights

I started the year taking up the offer to be a presenter for The Garden Gurus in their spring season. This was a great experience as they flew me to Perth on a number of occasions which was my first time travelling solo for business. This was a great booster for my confidence and I feel ready to face even more challenges in my career. Filming with the crew is always a pleasure as they are always welcoming and it is always a day filled with fun.

Dream Landscapes!

I also started the year with a lot of personal ‘life’ challenges… Which is something we all face at some particular point in time. But I am glad that chapter is over and passed, and I can put all my energy into new things.

I finally grabbed the opportunity to visit Cactus Country which I have been wishing to see for many years. This was one of my garden visit highlights of the year!

Media Fun!

This year I managed to publish a few ‘How To, DIY, Haul, Tours/event’ videos which I loved sharing with you all!

Hiking to new Levels!

The Cathedral Ranges was my first mini trip away for 2018. I went with my sister and her partner and we hiked then camped for one night. It was one of the best hikes I have done in Australia. It was the first major challenging hike were I had to do a lot of rock scrambling but it took me back to when I used to do a lot of rock climbing.

Garden Visit

What can I say about Picardy gardens. This place has a slice of my heart as it was so inspiration and beautiful. This was another favourite garden visit of mine this year.

Japan… again..

Japan, oh how I love Japan. This was my 10th or 11th time visiting…. I can’t quite remember.. But this time was extra special as I travelled with both of my siblings and their partner and also my boyfriend. It was one big road trip filled with lots of laughter and amazing scenery.

My Garden

I shared a bit of my garden this year but not as much as previous years gone. I have found myself with less time to sit and write. To be truthful I have not had the mental energy to focus fully on my blog for the last 18 months… And it isn’t due to the lack of love but simply other things in life took more of a forward step. If I had to say what were my regrets it was the lack of posts I published, the lack of things I shared in the garden and the overall things I wished to write about.

Looking towards 2019 I hope that I can share more and expand my knowledge even further. I hope to push myself to reach and strive for those personal goals in both my career and writing.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2019

4 thoughts on “The Best of 2018

  1. Earlier in my career, I noticed the differences of horticulture in other regions. More and more, I am noticing the similarities. For example, the gardens of Australia seemed to be more concerned with North American specie than gardens here in California. That would be a difference, but is similar in the sense that Californian gardens are (perhaps) more concerned with Australian specie than Australian gardens are.

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