Day 5: Kamikochi

A walk through the forest.

Kamikochi is a small rural town but hundreds of people flock to it every year for a very good reason. This area of Japan is famous for its running sapphire coloured rivers, autumn colour, thick forest hikes/walks and abundance of wildlife. Kamikochi is also referred to as the Chubu Sangaku National Park. (Northern Japan Alps). It is located in the centre of the Hida mountain ranges, which is also the highest mountain range in Japan. 

If you plan to come to Kamikochi pack some food as the prices for a snack are a little high. Also remember to pack a plastic bag for your rubbish as there are no bins. You will also need to pay 100-yen to use any of the public toilets. 

The national park is known for its vast range of wildlife and flora. A few of the animals you might stumble across is the native Kamoshika, Raicho, Japanese monkeys, fish, birds and a number of insects. There is so much biodiversity! 


There are a number of lakes you can walk around but the Taisho pond is one that you will need to pay a entry fee. This was worth the 500-yen as it was stunning. The rock gardens appeared to be floating in the water. This was one of the highlights for me.

In my previous Japan blog I wrote about my hike up Mt. Yakedake. The reason I ‘bring it up’ as it has a lot to do with the Taisho pond. June 1915 Mt. Yakedake erupted and the volcanic mudslide stopped the flow of the Azusa River which then lead to the natural creation of the Taisho pond. I think this is another example of how powerful ‘nature’ can be. 

Until next time, happy gardening! ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2018

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