Cathedral Range Hike

This particular weekend I found myself doing something a bit spontaneous. I travel to the Cathedral Ranges to do a hike on these spectacular mountain ridges. I travelled with two others on this hike, which you will see them in the slideshow of photos. We decide to explore the southern side of the range by hiking the Razorback and Sugarloaf Peak trails. Both trails are ranked at a high level of difficulty due to the steep, (unassisted) rock scrambling along exposed ledges.



We departed from the campsite at 2pm, we hiked for a total of 4 hours until be reached the summit of the Sugarloaf Peak. Along the way we were rewarded with spectacular views and an extreme sense of adventure as we climbed some very steep boulders. That is where I was grateful for my bouldering skills. The alpine flora was beautiful to see but the geographic landscape was jaw dropping. This isn’t the tallest mountain I have climbed but it was the most ‘sketchy’. At the highest point this ridge is approximately 900 metres. But it might not be the tallest mountain I have hiked but with a drop of over hundred metres right on the ledge, it sure was scary at some stages. You truly feel the altitude with this hike. If you are interested in climbing this mountain I would highly suggest taking a look at this website link, provided is all the information you will need!


Overall we hiked for 6-7 hours and walk/climbed 15km, with that comes a lot of photos. Check out the slideshow of photos below!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2018

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