Garden Apps: What is best?

As technology progresses it can be used in a multitude of ways to help us to better understand and learn. So what apps are available for the home gardener? I have come across 5 that I have found myself  using and recommending to others.

Image result for plant life balance app logoPlant Life balance: This app is designed to help the user green up their lives by providing a virtual hands on experience. Simply take a photo of a room in your house and this app will ask some basic questions, such as how much light the space is exposed to. Then there are 7 theme options you can select from which have a range of different plants available. To name a few: Fantastic feasts, jungle vibes and desert dreams.  From there it will provide a list of plants that are best suited to that space and have basic information provided. You can click and drag the plants that you like into the photo and position them where you please. Giving you a virtual example of how your living space could look with a touch of greenery. The app will also provide some fun information, how clean the air is of the photographed room and will give you an updated percentage if you add plants to that space. It is user-friendly and great if your unsure what plants might suit your home.
App Price: $Freeplant life balance

 Image result for plantsnap app logo PlantSnap: Take a photo of a plant that you are not familiar with and it will identify it for you. There are a lot of apps available which do similar things but this is the most accurate so far! I have tested this app on a number of difficult plants and it has proved to work quite well. Once taking the photo and submitting it for ID a short list of plants will usually show. From there you can look through and select the correct one corresponding to the picture.But the great thing is if it comes up with a short list of plants which do not match the user can provide feedback. You can give a name if you do know the plant species which will be taken on board for future development. Every photo taken and successfully identified is saved into a ‘collections’ folder so you can review them at any given time.
App Price: $Free

Image result for MyPestGuide app logo MyPestGuide: Is a handy app when it comes to the possibilities of pest damage on your plants. You have the option in the main menu to choose from: crop, type of damage, pest or size. These categories help the user to define what issues might be caused on the affected plant. For example clicking on the category ‘damage’ the app then gives you a selection of possibilities to choose from. Some examples of them are: Root damage, leaf damage – yellow/wilted and shredded leaves. Upon clicking on one of the tabs it will give you a list of possible pests that might have caused the damage with a lot of information about the pest itself. There is room for improvement on this app and some of those would be the increase of pest damage and options on the offenders. But overall it is a very handy app to have in the garden.
App Price: $Free


Image result for Botany Dictionary app logoBotany Dictionary: Very handy app if you are wanting to search botanical terminology. The list almost seems endless, in the search engine you can write even one letter and a list of words will appear. From there select and your definition will appear. Some examples of some searches I did were: Xerophyte – a plant that is adapted to very dry conditions. Veinlets – is a small vein. Usually located near the margins of the leaf.
App Price: $Free

Image result for botany dictionary app logo Botany: This app is very similar to Botany Dictionary but has a few other features. This app has a game feel as you can do a quiz to see how good your knowledge on botanical terminology is. The user has the option to save words to different categories such as: Familiar, rarely used, freshly learnt and hands on. The only draw card with this app is there are built-in purchases to reveal more words and gain their meaning. But if you’re looking for an app with a touch of fun this isn’t all that bad. But I do find myself opening the Botany Dictionary more often.
App Price: $Free

I hope that this short list of my top 5 garden apps proves to be useful for you but if you know of some great apps, let me know in the comments!

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2018

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