Plant News: What is to come?

Annually, Ball Australia hosts one of the largest plant trials in Victoria, Australia. All the plants on show have to ‘prove’ themselves to the keen eyes of horticulturists, growers and breeders within the industry. Showcased are new (sometimes never before seen) species which are either coming into stores in the next 12 months or are still under testing. When a new plant is bred or introduced it is very common for it to be tested for up to 10 years before it is realsed to the public for sale. When you finally get to see these plants you have a huge appreciation to the dedication and work that has been put into their development.

I think it is fair to say that this is the one time of year when a lot of people get excited to travel to this event. In the hope to see something completely new or mind-blowing! Every year without doubt I run around like a child in a candy store trying to see everything and snap photos. So, what plants stood out from the rest? The impressive display of Celosias were very eye-catching but these new compact forms hold their flowers upright a lot better than the traditional species! Their lollipop coloured and soft feather-like blooms are always a fun show. Another plant I fell in love with was a new species of Phlox. The flowers on this form look like miniature explosions or bursts of fireworks (pictured below).

Without revealing too many fun secrets and surprises for the next 12 months I think we should all be excited for what is to come! Each year I walk away inspired and excited, which is worth so much to me. I can not wait to see some of these plants in shop in 2018 and hopefully in my garden too…

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2017

One thought on “Plant News: What is to come?

  1. Ball is more reputable than some of the others who send samples. It is fun to trial some of the plants, but I can not help but notice that they perform for only one year, so that they need to be replaced by the following year. One year is long enough for most of the writers to write their flashy reviews, but is not long enough for horticulturists like me who want something to be more sustainable, especially since they brag about sustainability. I would prefer to get samples from Ball because of their more discriminating standards.


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