How to make: Succulent Ornament (Video)

In this video I show you how to make these fun and easy Christmas succulent art pieces! They can be a great gift for that garden lover we all know. Or they can be a fun decoration sitting on the table when we are enjoying the festive food!

All you need for this project is: 

  • Selection of succulent cuttings
  • Floristry Foam for cut flowers
  • Bowl of Water
  • Christmas theme cookie cutters

Step one: 
– Take the floristry foam and cut a piece 1-2cm thick. Using the cut piece of foam, take the cookie cutter and press it into the foam. Press firmly until the desired shape is cut. Once you are happy with the shape continue on to step two.

Step Two:
– With the cookie cutter shaped foam, place it into a bowl of water until completely soaked. The foam will change from a light green to a deep green once wet.

Step Three:
– Once the foam is soaked you can start taking the succulent cuttings and begin pushing them into the foam as desired. Continue filling all the gaps until the foam is covered with succulents.

Step Four:
– Once finished leave your cookie shaped ornaments to sit flat on a board/plate for a few days to allow the succulent cuttings to form new roots. Once the roots have developed, the succulents shouldn’t fall out from the foam. (Otherwise floristry pins can be used to hold plants in place).

And you are finished!
I hope you all enjoy this quick and easy Christmas DIY,  until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2017



One thought on “How to make: Succulent Ornament (Video)

  1. What an excellent – and weird – idea! It is a cool adaptation of an old concept. It would need small succulents and big foam cookies (but not so big that they would fall apart from their own weight). It would be a cool gift too. It can be laid out on top of a pot of potting soil, and allowed to grow into it.

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