Shades of Pink

Over the last week, plants which have been sitting dormant in my garden have suddenly sprung into action! My pink tulips have finally emerged and their flowers are stunning! All my other tulips were eaten by a certain wallaby who likes to sneak into my garden each night. All of the plums, apricots and cherry trees have come into full bloom with their delicate blossoms brightening up the landscape. One of the most stunning deciduous trees at this time of year is Cedrela sinensis, also known as Chinese Cedar. The young spring growth emerges as brilliant pink and then deepens to a rich green throughout the summer. This is a definitely a must have if you have a decent sized garden.

What is flowering in your garden? Or what is the main colour of the flowers which are emerging?

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2017

5 thoughts on “Shades of Pink

  1. Hi Bonnie
    I managed to get a few of these Chinese cedar as volunteers plants from a friend’s garden. Do you know if these will survive in pots if not then where is good spot to plant them? If I cut the tip would if get bushier? By the way your photo of the Chinese cedar looks great.


    1. They will grow well in pots, as long as the pot provided is large enough. If you cut the top, it could set the plant back for a number of months. They tend to have a more slender habit and can take a while to branch outwards. Thank you!


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