What to do in the garden in August

  1. Start sowing August is the best time to start ripping open those spring seed packets and start sowing! As the weather begins to warm, seed germination during this time of year is ideal. For the best results sow seeds directly into seed raising potting mix and into small pots or trays. Once the seeds have sprouted, (grown at least 2 inches tall), and established a nice root system, pot seedlings into individual pots. Allow them to grow on in these pots until early September. By doing this added step it will ensure your plants have a very strong root system and will be established enough when they are ready to be planted. The first – second week of September, your home grown seedlings should be ready to plant out and into the vegetable garden!
    sowing spring seeds, seeds.jpg
  2.  Take cuttings – Mid to late August is a great time to start taking cuttings from plants in the garden. A plants sap flow is at its best in early spring which makes striking cuttings much easier. So if you have a plant that you have been really wanting to propagate now is a good time to do so!
  3. Pull those weeds!  As we start to experience temperature days most plants start to respond and flourish. But, it also means weeds are extremely active and will begin to emerge all over the garden. By doing 10 minutes of weeding a day you can help to eliminate and control them. It is when weeds start to produce flowers that can cause the most chaos. The reason is, once those flowers turn brown and begin to die back down there is a very likely chance they have produced seed. Therefore, but pulling out the weeds with flower buds or open flowers it will help to eliminate further weed spread in the garden.  
    august garden jobs, weeds, pulling weeds.jpg
  4. Pests! Keep a watchful eye out for early seasonal pests such as aphids, mites, scale and caterpillars. These pests have been dormant during the cold weather and as the temperature shifts from cold to warm, these pests are commonly found feeding on lush new growth of plants. 
    1D8A54700 copy.jpg5. Fertilise! – Mid to late August is the best time to start feeding the garden. By fertilising your plants now you will be giving them a big head start and jump into spring! Feeding will promote faster and healthier growth during the main growing seasons (spring and summer). But will also help to reduce the chances of any potential nutrient deficiencies later on in the season. 

I hope you find this guide helpful!
What other garden jobs do you like to do in August? Let me know down below! 
 Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2017

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