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Moondarra Blueberry Farm – Visit

I was recently asked to join my boss on a trip to a Blueberry farm in Moondarra to film a small segment of him for the Gardenworld website. Of course I couldn’t refuse such an offer! I drove just over an hour to get to the farm and once I had parked the car and jumped out of the car I almost got blown away! The farm is located on a smaller mountain peak and the winds were extraordinarily strong! Moondarra blueberry farmWe spent 4 hours filming and talking with the experts. We were shown the tricks of the trade when it comes to pruning and taking advantage of the flowers buds to maximise future fruiting. Pictured above is an avenue of Brigitta Blueberries which are 35 years old! Last year they produced 10 kilograms of fruit which is amazing! For the common gardener at home, if you get 1-2 kilograms of fruit, you would be over the moon. But these blueberries have been pruned over those 35 years to maximise fruit production and strong future growth. Moondarra blueberry farm 5Moondarra blueberry farm 2

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2017

2 comments on “Moondarra Blueberry Farm – Visit

  1. Wow . Interesting . 35 years old blue berries …. Thank you for posting.


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