How do I personalise my garden?

Creating a garden can be very rewarding but one of the harder challenges for some people is being able to inject their own personality into the design. The first step I usually recommend is to know which style of garden is most appealing to you. Once you have established what style of garden you like it becomes much easier to add your personal touches.

Once you have figured out a garden theme which appeals to you look around at other examples of those gardens. Look online at photos, look at the latest magazines, home design books and visit your local garden center for inspiration.

Here are some garden themes:
Modern Elegance: Modern gardens tend to be very symmetrical, clean and have a neutral tone colour palette. A lot of the plants used in modern landscapes have very little floral appeal and is prominently ‘green’. Plants tend to have lush, glossy green leaves and are evergreen.
Because there isn’t a lot of colour, how do you add a touch of personality in a modern landscape? Adding neutral/textured pots with feature plants can be a simple step to adding some personality to a green space. Water features can be another brilliant way to bring colour, texture, sound and ambiance into a garden. Whilst at the same time making an amazing statement. Statues are great in modern garden designs. They can be great for creating an eye-catching statement and can hold the gaze of a viewer and then become a talking piece. Pictured below are two boxing rabbits which was showcased at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show a few years ago. This statue caught a lot of peoples attention and was a hot-topic for discussion for many months after the event.
fighting rabbits statue, rabbits, garden statuesrustic fire bowl, fire pit, garden features
Rustic Country: Cottage gardens are filled to the brim with a vast range of varying seasonal blooms. It can be overwhelming trying to select features that will be able to stand out against all of the plants. Using unusual containers can be a fun way to add a splash of personality and originality to the garden. Wine barrels are a great rustic feature and are used in many cottage garden scenes. But you can create some stunning displays with annual flowers. Annual plants will die and will usually last 6-9 months, this is often seen as a negative. But I think it is great for cottage style gardens because it means that your feature pots can be changed every 6 months for a new colour combination! Metal statues of animals, wind-turners and old farming equipment are always a great feature in country gardens as they reflect the theme perfectly. Hay-bale gardens are another fun flare you can incorporate into the design!

Desert Vibes: Succulents and cacti gardens are extremely popular and there are many ways in-which you can take this garden design to the next level. These tough resilient plants can be potted into all sorts of containers. The only thing needed is a little bit of an imagination. Pictured below is a great example of a fire-pit being used as a container garden. Pairing succulents/cacti in rusted old items can be a charming touch! Using old kitchen pots, old shoes, wooden crates, your options are limitless! If rusted metal isn’t appealing to you, concrete pots look fantastic with succulents and cacti plants! The concrete compliment the vibrant colours and textures of these plants and can be an eye-catching display!

Refurbishing the Old: Re-purposing old objects and turning them into new features can be a good weekend project. Up-cycling is what I love to display in my garden. I have reused many old objects and re-invented the way I have chosen to use them by creating feature pots. However, two great examples I came across recently are pictured below. The first photo is a collection of old unused garden tools which have been welded together to make a garden gate. The second example is of an old tap which has been turned into a gate handle.

When designing a garden there are no rules. There isn’t necessarily a right or a wrong way. Have fun and enjoy creating a space that you can enjoy and continue to design!

Until next time happy gardening! By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2017

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