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Wildflowers:  Epacris spp.

Late evening hikes are some of the best for many reasons. The first being the golden hour of light. With the sun setting slowly over the mountain, the golden rays shining onto the trees and flowers was enchanting. Looking across the landscape you feel as if you have been taken to another magical world. The second reason is the serenity, not many people go for a late evening hike. I was lucky enough to have the track mainly to myself. On this hike I stumbled across many wild Epacris spp. which were in full bloom!

Did you go for any late evening hikes/walks over the weekend? If you did, was there something you came across which surprised you?

Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

3 comments on “Wildflowers:  Epacris spp.

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for these wonderful ideas and stories you tell so well Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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  2. Beautiful flower 🙂

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