How to grow mushrooms: Cuppa Shrooms




It is officially mushroom growing season and we are treated with a brand new product on the market. Cuppa Shrooms are a great starting point if you are growing mushrooms for the first time.
Shroom Cup-4Cuppa Shrooms are perfect for sitting next to the kitchen window where you can watch the mushrooms sprout over a few days. They are a fun way to include the kids into gardening as they can also be kept in a bedroom or classroom! I always appreciate good packaging and the Cuppa Shrooms don’t disappoint. The packaging is covered with beautiful floral illustrations and has a small blurb of the variety on the back.  Shroom Cup5 I have been testing this product out for a few weeks and think that it could do with some improvements. However, the growing medium, which the mushrooms spore in, drys outs extremely quickly. It requires a lot of watering/misting to keep the mushrooms happy. I have lost a few of the mushrooms that have been developing due to the cup drying out too quickly.
Shroom Cup-2Overall you don’t get a lot of mushrooms germinating during the first 2-3 weeks. Following the first harvest you can get possibly get another 2-3 bunches out of this cup if looked after daily and watered twice a day.
What you harvest might not sound like a lot when compared to a larger mushroom growing kit. But for gardeners just learning the tricks to growing mushrooms at home for the first time, the Cuppa Shrooms can be a fun and easy way to get familiar with the process.

Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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