Super-foods! New vegetables and Herbs

In this video I show you some of the new Super-foods from Oasis Horticulture!
In this range we have 10 new plants to choose from.
– Garlic Purple                      – Broccoli Purple
– Chinese Red Cabbage        – Carrot Herb
– Kale Sprout Green             – Kale Sprout Red
– Pak Choi Purple                  – Rocket Dragon Tongue
– Sorrel Rumex                       – Carrot Purple
1D8A4177As I mention in the video there are certainly a few plants in this range that are not necessarily ‘new’ such as the broccoli purple and purple carrot. But at the same time, it is great to have a few of the not so common vegetables as it can show many gardeners that there is so much more you can grow! 1D8A4170Out of the 10 I choose 3 plants that caught my attention. The first being the Kale Sprouts. These are some very cool Kale plants! You can use the foliage just like a normal Kale but as the plant grows (full mature height is 60cm) it will produce Brussels Sprouts on the main stem! It is a two in one! I have never seen a vegetable like these Kale sprouts before and I can not wait to try them out this season.

The second plant I picked up from the Super-food range was the Carrot herb. This herb is a form of cress so it needs plenty of water during the hotter months and grows best in a rich soil. As the name suggests it must have a relation in some form to a carrot. The foliage has a very distinct flavour of carrot. It is a great replacement during the cooler months when it is a little more difficult to grow carrots due the cooler weather.

Lastly I also picked up a Sorrel Rumex. I love the distinctive red veining displayed in the foliage. Instead of the traditional plain green sorrel leaf in your salad, throw a few leaves of Rumex into the mix and your salad will be the talk of the party!
Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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