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Kochi Makino Botanical Gardens and Rare Plants!

Kochi Japan Botaincal Gardens Tomitaro Makino travel (34)Day 4: I got up extra early as I wanted to have a look around the cabins we had rented before heading back to Kochi city.  The scenery was beautiful! The clouds were still sitting low in the mountainscape which made the atmosphere very magical. I walked to the rivers edge with my mum and we took in the view, it was really calming to be standing there by the water. After the morning walk we headed back to the cabin and packed up and left for Kochi City which was approximately 2 and a half hour drive away.

Getting back into the city it was a big contrast from where we had just driven from. Kochi city is a bustling place with lots of people and you can see buildings as far as  your eye can see. I do prefer the countryside but this city is quite amazing when you can get good views of it. I was at a cafe near the botanical gardens which had one of the best views to see the islands landscape.  After a quick lunch and a cold drink we made our way to Kochi Botanical Gardens.Kochi City japan travel blog.jpg

Kochi Makino Botanical Gardens were first opened in 1958 to recognise the achievements  and honour the famous botanist Tomitaro Makino who was local to the Kochi Prefecture area. The gardens are landscaped over 6 hectares which have over 3,000 species of plants on display! A majority of the plants are named after and have been discovered by Dr. Tomitaro Makino himself.

There were two plants that were a highlight to see the first being Mucuna sempervirens (Sea Bean Vine). The long cascading vines had long clusters of purple flowers which I have never seen before!

The second plant I saw was the very rare Strongylodon macrobotrys also known as the Jade vine. The colour of the flowers are unbelievable! The aqua green colour is very rare in plants and it is easy to understand why some may think the flowers have been dyed. But it is what makes this plant so different and to see it in person was an amazing sight! Kochi Japan Botaincal Gardens Tomitaro Makino travel, Strongylodon macrobotrys, jade vine (1)
The conservatory was the best part of the Botanical gardens, upon walking through the doors I found myself immersed in a completely different world of plants. It was a jungle of so many amazing plants that my horticultural senses were going crazy!

Kochi Japan Botaincal Gardens Tomitaro Makino travel (490)

Kochi Japan Botaincal Gardens Tomitaro Makino travel (500)Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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