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Day 5: Yutorisuto Park

Day 5 in Japan was a laid back kind of day. After a few big days of driving and sight seeing, we still hadn’t really recovered from the plane trip. So this was the day of just going with the flow.

I started my morning with a brief walk around the local town to take a look at all the local ‘attractions’. Walking through the streets I noticed a lot of people were well into their errands for the day and it was only 7am. During my walk I enjoyed seeing all the different potted displays by the front doors of shops and houses. Japanese homes in this part of Japan do not have grand or landscape gardens. The Japanese seem to create a lot of their gardens in pots by growing bonsai and annual colour. It is a big contrast to gardens back in Australia.

After a few hours of relaxing we decided to drive 40 minutes away to Yutorisuto Park. We were recommend to check out this wind farm because of the views on top of the mountain. Upon getting to the park you walk through the entrance and are greeted by terraced gardens which have annual flowers planted in them. The gardens were a little run down but I can appreciate what a sight it would be when they are at their best!
It became quite obvious after walking around for only a few minutes, was the lack of people. Getting to the top of the terraced gardens to the main ‘lobby’ area, this park felt abandoned… The buildings were run down and the amusement rides were very still and lacked the sounds of laughter. The park certainly hadn’t had any visitors in a long time.Kochi, japan, flower container, streets, street signs, rural japan, wind farm (11)Yutorisuto Park was an interesting place to see and the views were beautiful. Whilst I was there I went on a few of the rides to make the most of what was on offer! I can imagine in the prime season (summer – autumn) this place could be bustling with people, so it was quite special to enjoy the view with no one else around.

Until tomorrows adventure, happy gardening!

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

2 comments on “Day 5: Yutorisuto Park

  1. Judging from the fantastic posts, you had a full and satisfying trip! I really like that food truck. So colorful, it screams ‘healthy!’


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