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Day 2 : Camping and Tachikawa Banshoin

After 15 hours of travelling it is fair to say that I was mentally exhausted and was suffering from a little bit of jet lag. The plane landed in Tokyo Japan at 4am and I had one more connecting flight to take to my final destination Kochi City.
DSCF0055.JPG After one final plane ride I had made it to Kochi!!! It was a great feeling to finally be off the plane for good and not having to wait for another flight. We landed at Kochi airport around 8am and I was greeted by my sister who is currently living in Japan.

We made our way to our new home for the next 10 days in a small mountainous village in the countryside. On our way we saw many abandoned buildings and cars that were either on the side of the road or completely immersed in the forests.

After a quick stop at our house, we freshened up, ate some lunch that we picked up from the local grocery store and then packed our bags. We headed an hour and a half south from our home to a small village town called Shimanto where we are staying for the next two nights. The campsite is called Shimanto Auto Camping grounds. Along the way we stopped at Tachikawa Banshoin (Tachikawa House).

Tachikawa Banshoin (Tachikawa House) in Kochi Prefecture was used by the Daimyo lords back in the Edo period when they would travel to Tokyo as part of the alternate residence system.Temple
We headed off again and stopped at Nakatosa for dinner at a local Okonomiyaki restaurant. The food was delicious! Another 40 minutes of driving through the torrential rain we made it to our accommodation.
Tomorrow we are meeting up with a traditional blacksmith who will be teaching us how to craft our very own Japanese knives!

Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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