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Day One: Tokyo Bound – Living Walls!!

We arrived at Melbourne Airport a lot sooner than originally planned and were put onto an earlier connecting flight to Sydney. We flew out of Melbourne at 3:45pm and landed in Sydney at 4:30pm, which gave us an extra hour to our 2 hour stop over. We cleared the customs fairly quickly and made our way to the lounges. We were upgraded to the first-class lounge at Sydney airport! DSCF0016Upon entering the lounge there was an amazing green wall! I managed to take a few photos to share with you! This living wall was at least 15 meters long with lush foliage from top to bottom. This is one of the best examples I have seen. It was surprising to see how the plants were thriving in a very dark aspect with no natural light. This wall doesn’t get any sunlight, the only light source is from the fluorescent lights from above. But it proves that a broad range of plants can thrive indoors!
DSCF0025 A few of the plants I noticed were Philodendron, Spathiphyllum, Begonia, Hares Foot Fern, Orchid, Strobilanthes, Columnea gloriosa (goldfish plant pictured above) and many more! Taking a closer look the plants are planted directly into a peat moss fibre which allows the roots to grow more evenly. Peat moss also holds a lot of moister which is key to a feature like this!
DSCF0018After a few hours, I boarded the plane at 8pm and was off to Japan. This fight is roughly a 9 and a half hours to Haneda airport Tokyo and then I am off on a small connecting flight to my final destination.
I will post back again soon!
Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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