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An Unexpected View

It was an unexpected hike and once I reached the top of the mountain I was very surprised.1D8A9841
As I hiked along the path the terrain was very flat. After walking for 20 minutes and as I approached the top the terrain changed to become very steep and uneven making it more of a challenge to reach the peak. Making my way through the Eucalyptus forest I was greeted by boulders which were the size of small cars and a very unexpected view. The view was beautiful.1D8A9789 With each step I kept my eyes open for any native flora I could spot. It was exciting to see all the different flora that was out in bloom. I spotted a number of native Epacris spp, Banksia spp and Spyridium parvifolium ‘Dusty Miller’ flowers amongst all the lush green trees.  Along the climb there is number of granite rocks, the biggest and eldest granite rock is 200+ million years old! It was amazing to be standing atop of a piece of nature that has been around for so many millions of years!
Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

2 comments on “An Unexpected View

  1. I love the photos! It’s amazing to see what plants you can see on a hike.

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