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Festival of Flowers

Walking through the gates of the Tesselaar Rare Plant Expo I was greeted by pillars of tall Dahlia flower displays and many stall holders. It has been two years since I last attended this plant festival and it was good to be back!
Each time I go to a show my main goal is to walk out with something I haven’t seen before. At this year’s show I found an unusual bulb that I brought from an elderly man whose store was tucked away at the very back. Almost sounds like the old man that is in the starting scenes from the Disney film Aladdin. But unfortunately it is no magical bulb with three wishes. Said bulb is Arum Dioscoridis v. smithii. Apparently no two are alike in their flowers, as they have green and black spotted spathes. Pictured above is a photo of the root/bulb. I felt like I got a good deal paying $9.00 considering the bulb is already starting to produce ‘pups’ (young plants which can be divided off the main root).
DSC00475.JPGI also picked up some Tulip and Bluebells bulbs, Carnations and Salvia plants. With many bags in hand and after 2 hours of looking and plenty of shopping I was done… Until at the last second my eye happened to glance to the right and I saw a sign read ‘King Alfred Daffodils 200 bulbs for $80.00’. The question certainly went through my head, do I need these? To every Horticulturist and gardener out there you know the answer.
I now have two-hundred Daffodils to plant this weekend.
Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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