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A luxurious Watering Can?

When someone says ‘high end’ or ‘luxurious’ the first thing that doesn’t usually come to mind is a garden item but instead we might think of a clothing brand. But if I were to say there was one luxurious garden product it would be the Haws series of watering cans. These watering cans are not cheap but they sure are pretty. They are manufactured in Birmingham UK and have been made since 1886! They are handcrafted and they say no two cans are the same. Haws watering cans are made from gauge steel which are hot dipped galvanized and then powder coated for complete rust prevention and to ensure a longer life in the garden. They are available in a vast range of vintage and modern colours. The largest watering can available is the 8.8 litres and the smallest being their indoor series which is a 1 litre can. Over the weekend I visited my local nursery and treated myself to this mint green 4.5 litre Haws professional long reach watering can.To buy one of the Haws watering cans you can expect to pay anything from $100.00 up to $170.00 dollars.1D8A9047So are they worth it? Depends on who it is for. The benefits of Haws cans is that they are rust protected, expected to last a long time, extremely strong and made to the highest quality. They also come with a 10 year guarantee from Haws, which is extremely good for a watering can. They are great and feel good to use as they are not too heavy and the custome rose heads cause the pressure of the water to be gentaler when being applied to plants compared to the common plastic watering can. Plastic watering cans tend to have a quicker and harsher water flow. However the $20.00 plastic watering can that can be brought at your local nursery will still get the job done in the garden. Of course being plastic the life of these cans will not last as long but they are cheap enough to replace when required. So why buy a Haws watering can? They are very beautiful and a real collectors item for the keen gardener. Personally I have been thinking about buy this Haws can for 12 months and finally took the chance and I couldnt be anymore happy. I love using this in the garden and can not wait to buy another one! #theaddictionisreal

Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

2 comments on “A luxurious Watering Can?

  1. A thing of beauty. Bought a large red one myself a few weeks ago. Couldn’t justify the expense of the metal one so went with their tough a plastic one which should last for years. Nice to see an old British brand doing well overseas.


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