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5 Bees attracting plants!

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Bees play a fundamental role and are responsible for pollinating all plants in the garden. Thanks to bees we are able to grow vegetables and fruit and enjoy the benefits of these plants by picking the fruits at the end of the season. If there are not enough bees in the garden lack of pollination can occur. Many gardens in the inner city suburbs struggle to provide bee friendly environments but there is a strong movement towards making community spaces that encourage not only the locals to get outside and into the garden but the bees too. If you have a lack of space to have a large garden there are many great plants available that can be grown in pots.  Listed below are 5 of the best plants that bees will go crazy for! These plants, excluding number 5, can be grown in containers/pots for great potted colour!

1. Scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Midnight’– A low growing perennial shrub, 40cm high by 50cm wide, that produces dark plum coloured blooms in spring.
2. Salvia spp. – They come in a vast range of colours and sizes. Salvia are tough reliable plants in the garden that flower from late spring through to mid autumn.
3. Penstemon spp. – The beautiful tubular blooms come in a range of pastels through to the dark plums colours. Growing to an average height of 60-80cm and 50-60cm wide.
4. Echium candicans – A tall growing perennial of 1.5-2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide. Long deep blue flowers on 30cm long stems appear in early spring until mid summer.
5. Lavandula ‘The Princess Lavender’ – A newer form of Lavender that was released in late 2015 from PGA growers. This is one of the prettiest pink lavenders on the market and the bees adore it! It has a compact growth of 60cm high and 50cm wide.

Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

2 comments on “5 Bees attracting plants!

  1. It’s usually too hot and moist for growing broccoli down here, but I grow it anyway — for the bees. The beautiful yellow flower stalks are fabulous color splash in the veggie garden, and the bees LOVE it. I will be plugging lots of pollinator plants this spring. They are losing habitat fast down here!

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    • Broccoli is a great idea! I usually grow it for a spring harvest but I might start planting them on the off season for the bees. It is sad to think that there aren’t many habitats for them in suburban areas either.


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