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New Release Plants for 2017

©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016Come and have a tour of the Ball Trials and get the first look at what new plants will be coming out in 2017!©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016Each year a selection of annual and perennial plants are showcased to the industry for the very first time. All the plants are developed and tested for their performance, flowers, fragrance, foliage pigmentation and overall unique appearance. After many tests and trials a selection of the best plants are chosen to be displayed at the showcase. A number of industry persons are invited to come and have a look at the plants on display and to give their feedback. A majority of these species have never been seen before in Australia and a lot of them are brand new to the Australian market. So it is exciting to have the first glimpse into what 2017 holds for our industry.
©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016  Until next time happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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