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Sale-ready? Tips to get your garden up to scratch

garden-7We are finally, I really mean it this time, in the home stretch of moving house…. It has been a very long 12 months getting everything ready from the house renovations to keeping the garden maintained. So… over the last year I have discovered a few things that I would do differently when getting my garden prepared for sale. I have come up with 5 key points that I wanted to share with you.

 Wait to mulch your garden-beds if using sugar cane, pea straw or lucerne mulch!
If like me and you applied mulch months prior to getting your house up for sale and you are finding that the mulch is looking old and is starting to break down into the soil there is a way to make it look fresh again. Grab a garden fork and gently turn over the mulch but in doing so try to avoid turning it into the soil below. All we are wanting to do is gently ruffle the mulch so that it looks ‘fluffy’ instead of having the appearance of being compacted down. This way your mulch looks rejuvenated and saves the job of having to re-apply mulch to the garden.
garden-92. Feed ahead of time.
Feeding your garden weeks and months prior to placing your house up for sale is very important, especially if you want to have plenty colourful flowers and lush healthy plants. If you have a large garden it is a lot easier to use pellet fertilisers and loose powder fertilisers which are quick and easy to apply. Otherwise if you have a smaller garden or mainly containers/pots, fertiliser fortnightly with an all purpose liquid fertiliser.
3. Pull as you go!
Keep on top of the weeds each week. If I had been weeding sections of the garden each week I would not have had as much trouble getting on top of it as I did. One day a week after work take 10 – 20 minutes to weed a few problem areas. That way it will not get out of control.
garden-64. Improvise or invest! 
If you are not happy with how something looks it is sometimes best to fix it otherwise you may risk feeling regret. I personally was not happy with a patio area near the back of the house as there was no flowers and it overall lacked some colour. I invested in some colourful annuals such as petunias as they instantly brightened and added colour to the area without breaking the bank.
Also, if you have a potted plant that is looking good and it is not in a prime position bring it out and utilise it. This succulent planter pot was hidden in my glasshouse so I used it on the table in the gazebo to add some colour.
garden-105. ENJOY
Moving and selling a house can be beyond stressful, exhausting and frustrating at times but do not forget to enjoy the process of it all. It is exciting, rewarding and enjoy the garden that you are going to be leaving behind.
gardengarden-4Until next time, happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016

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  1. you are such a creative and clever young lady,,, please keep your amazing work coming gxxxxxxxxxxx

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