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Spring is in the air and a new beginning

Spring has finally arrived and it is time to start thinking about the type of vegetables and herbs to grow in the garden. Every year I buy an assortment of plants with no plan in mind as to where they will be planted. However, this year I wanted to try something different by drawing up a layout plan for where the plants will be positioned. The vegetable patch at the new house is going to be a good experiment as we have not grown any plants there yet. It is going to be a lot of fun seeing what plants will flourish in the conditions and to learn which ones might require extra care.
©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016Here is a photo of the vegetable patch at the new house. There is a lot of work to be done but it is going to be a fun challenge! ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016And this is the old vegetable garden. I am going to truly miss this garden. Over the years it has developed into my dream vegie garden and it has been a lot of hard work. I have enjoyed growing a vast range of different vegetables and herbs but I have also learnt a lot by growing my own produce. I am looking forward to transforming the vegetable patch in the new garden into something spectacular and sharing that journey with you all.
©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016Until next time, happy gardening!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


3 comments on “Spring is in the air and a new beginning

  1. I am very excited for you! Good luck with your veggie garden!


  2. Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to get stuck out into the vegie patch !


  3. You look well prepared. Good luck!


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