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BOOTS OFF SUNDAY! – Back into The Dirt!

 Here in Australia, spring is quickly approaching and the garden is starting to erupt into life showing off flowers that were once not so obvious. The spring bulbs have started to emerge from their winter slumber and even some of them have started to flower!
1D8A9291Over the last few weeks my garden has been put on the back burner whilst I have been busy writing, however, I can finally start getting my hands back into the dirt! It is exciting to go outside and see what has been happening whilst I have been absent.1D8A9280The garden has a magical woodland atmosphere due to a carpet of colour under the trees from the Hellebore flowers. The long term goal is to eventually have the Hellbores act like a ground-cover and fill the gardenbeds. It seems like that goal won’t be too far away because there are hundreds of young seedlings that have sprouted from seed!
1D8A92901D8A9281Plants can truly push the limits as to where and how they can be grown. On the new property the citrus trees are a great example, they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures, winds, frosts and potential snow, which is usually the conditions they do not thrive off. But this is how plants can continue to surprise us, this particular lemon tree is thriving. It is loaded with fruit and is extremely healthy!
©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2016When you have the opportunity to play in a new garden it is always exciting to add new features and your own personal touch to the current design. Landscape designs that seamlessly lead from one garden style to another can be quite difficult to achieve. For example, an Australian native garden can be hard to transition into a Japanese style garden. It is one of the many challenges in garden design and can be one of many things that makes gardening fun. This is something I am looking forward to doing at the new house!
1D8A9293Until next time, happy gardening!

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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