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BOOTS OFF MONDAY! – Childhood Memories

G’day everyone,
Last week I took a few days off from work as a small holiday to give myself a rest before the busy season. On those days off I managed to film a few DIY videos that I have been wanting to make for a while which will be coming very soon! I also went on a day trip up to Post Office Farm which is located in Ashbourne which was a great day out. I filmed the whole day and I also uploaded a blog post of the whole trip. If you are interested in watching/reading about it you can click here.
Surprisingly I did not spend as much time in the garden as I would have liked to. As a result I have the top 3 highlights from my garden this past week!

1. After visiting Post Office Farm Nursery I have been noticing all the flowering Hellebores more than I normally do! At the new house there are lots of Hellebores already planted under a few large deciduous trees. It is exciting to see what colours are revealed as the buds begin to open. When I was visiting Post Office Farm I picked up a few usual varieties which I will share in another blog post.

2. Growing up as a kid we had a Cumquat tree in our backyard and I remember picking the fruit and tasting it for the first time. I hated the flavour and never ate them again. Behold the mighty Cumquat tree that is flourishing at the new property. Yes, my childhood came flooding back to me and I remembered the dreaded taste. However despite the dislike I had for this fruit once upon a time, I tried one of the small golden fruits for the first time in roughly 10 years. The result? I enjoyed the sweet flavour. I would love to try bottling the fruit or have a go at making Cumquat jam!
3. Flowering around the back of the garage is this beautiful Magnolia tree. The flowers are mainly white but have a slight pink blush to the base of the petals. Magnolia trees are a favourite of mine and I am looking forward to planting more varieties around the property!
Until next time happy gardening!

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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