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BOOTS OFF MONDAY! – New Designs and Last Harvest

G’day everyone,
This week I only have a few highlights from my garden.
1. Over the weekend we were busy fixing the garden beds around the pool. We removed the over grown privet, Ligustrum sinense, hedge and pulled out the climbing roses that were pulling and weighing down the old fence. The fence has been rebuilt, the garden beds weeded and now we are up to the fun part shopping for new plants.
2. Because we are getting the garden ready for when we sell, we decided it was best to go for a simple and formal design around the pool. I picked up a bunch of ficus standards and some awesome advanced conifers for a great price from my local nurseries. The conifers were a steal at $70 dollars for a 45cm pot with the plants standing to 2 meters tall! The Ficus standards I picked up for $35 bucks.
3. I finally decided it was time to harvest what was left of the pumpkins growing in the back paddock. My giant pumpkins, Cucurbita maxima, didn’t grow all too well this year, I only managed to get one ‘largish’ pumpkin off the entire vine. The other pumpkins that are in the photo are a mixture of heritage varieties that I also grew from seed late last year. Last years harvest was a lot better compared to this year, but I am still pretty happy with what I managed to grow!
If you are interested to see photos from last years harvest click here:
Until next time happy gardening!

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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