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G’day everyone,
If you follow my facebook page you would have seen a sneak peek of the new garden. We are still living at the old property but we will gradually move to the new place. But over the weekend was the first time I have been able to stroll through the new garden at my own pace.
So here are the top 5 highlights from the new garden!

1. Vintage charm is the first thing I can think of when I see these barn doors. I was really excited to discover that there was an old wooden barn on the property. It is going to be used as a work shop for my father’s blacksmithing equipment and other tools. But hopefully it can be a garden shed as well!

2. Another discovery was the 9 olive trees  towards the back of the vegetable garden. It was exciting to harvest from the trees for the first time. I managed to collect a whole bowl full. Now I just have to learn how to bottle them.
3. I must admit I am going to miss the old vegetable garden once we have officially moved to the new property. But this vegetable patch has a lot of potential and has a great view! I have plans to improve the pathways by adding gravel, new steps to the lower section and fix the raised garden beds and fences. Instead of having issues with rabbits getting into the vegie patch, we need stronger fences to keep out the hungry wallaby.
4. There are a number of Jacaranda trees planted around the property which are going to look beautiful in the summer when they are in full bloom! But what I discovered upon a closer look is a few of trees have 10-20 seed pods hanging off them. You can only collect the seeds once the pods have turned brown. Over the next 3-4 weeks I will be watching and waiting so I can collect a few.
5. Around every corner is something different and exciting to see. I am really looking forward to adding more plants and spaces to the current garden. I am also looking forward to sharing the new discoveries that I have yet to find and the development of this new garden with you all!
By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

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