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BOOTS OFF MONDAY – Celebrations!

G’day everyone,

Here are the top 5 highlights from my garden this past week!

  1. A few weeks ago I wrote about my Veltheima bracteata bulbs that were flourishing under my  tassel tree, Acer negundo var. violaceum. However this week I want to share with you the beautiful blooms that the A. negundo is currently showing off. These delicate pink tassels will last a few weeks until they fade in colour, then eventually drop from the trees branches. You can spot this tree from a mile away due to the amount of flowers!


2. The blue bells, Scilla hispanica, have emerged from the soil in the last two weeks and are now in full flower. Over the course of the last few years I have slowly been able to build up the numbers of these bulbs. Each year once they have duplicated I divide them and plant another clump in the garden beds. They are a fantastic forest floor bulb, under-story plant, in shaded garden beds and are make an impressive display in spring.


3. Every few months I tend to have a habit of posting photos of these blue Echium candicans flowers! I simply can not help it, they are beautiful plants and they are a great way to encourage bees into the garden for pollination. Currently in the garden there are over 13 plants of Echiums planted and 4-5 different species. They are great as a cut flower and last for awhile in a vase.


4. I have purchased a lot of annuals and perennials for upcoming hanging basket projects. I want to brighten up the veranda by adding some wire baskets with a mixture of different plants. One plant in particular I have chosen is the Ivy geranium. They are vibrant, tough, have low water requirements and have the potential to cascade 40 -50cm! I can not wait to show you all the finished product!


5. A few days ago I had the honor to be a bridesmaid to my cousin and help celebrate the next big chapter of her life. I want to share with you the beautiful bridal bouquet! In this arrangement you have Cineraria Silver Dust foliage, Eucalyptus cinerea foliage, lisianthus flowers, freesia flowers and apricot roses.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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