BOOTS OFF MONDAY – Spring Is Coming

G’day everyone,

I am back from travelling around Asia and ready to get back into my blogs. I have separate blog posts coming up this weekend showcasing the highlights of my adventures in Japan, China and Kuala Lumpur.

Here are the top 5 highlights from the past week in my garden

  1. It was a relief to come home and see the new spring growth on this Chinese Elm bonsai. Before I left on my holidays, I had cut more than 50% of the root system off. This was because of the position I had the rock place in the pot and how I wanted the roots to develop.


2. Being out in the garden at this time of year is always exciting, everywhere you look there are signs saying spring is almost here. Many plants that have been sitting dormant over winter are starting to flourish with new spring growth and most of the bulbs in the garden have started to bloom. This red Tulip is the first to bloom out of the hundreds I have planted. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of the tulips I planted over the last few years might have rotted due to the moisture in the soil. Hopefully as spring approaches more tulips start to appear.


3. This particular Camellia reticulata has been flowering consistently for the last 4 weeks! These bright red blooms are always a statement in the garden each year. There are only a handful of camellias planted out in the garden but I have slowly started to add more over the years. Camellias are fantastic if you are wanting to brighten up the garden during winter. Their colourful blooms can transform a garden on the cold winter days.


4. This blood orange was the highlight of my weekend! Cutting this fruit in half and seeing the (bits of) red flesh was very exciting. It may sound silly, but there is a good reason for my excitement. When growing blood oranges in Melbourne, it isn’t always expected that you will get red flesh, most times it will appear to be orange. This is because of Melbourne’s cooler climate.


5. Have you ever had that moment when out working in the garden and you rediscover a plant that you have forgotten all about planting? The only reason you notice this plant is because it has started to flourish and bloom? Well, this is a common moment for me in the garden. This Guichenotia macrantha is another plant that I have rediscovered recently. It was planted about 7 months ago and has been very slow to establish. What I still love about this plant is the beautiful sage/green foliage and the texture of the flowers.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


2 comments on “BOOTS OFF MONDAY – Spring Is Coming

  1. Beautiful images, but the first one… very very beautiful!


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