Happy National Tree Day!

G’day everyone,

Happy National Tree Day!

Today is one of the biggest nature care and tree planting events in Australia! It is a fantastic opportunity to get outside and plant a tree for the first time. Families, schools and local communities all come together to give back to the environment by planting thousands of trees each year. By planting one tree it has helped to improve the health and well being of the environment, whilst helping improve the natural habitat for our native animals.

If you missed out on planting a tree, it is never too late to start planting!


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


If you wish to find out more information about The National Tree Day events and history, look here:


2 comments on “Happy National Tree Day!

  1. I’m sure we have a similar day here in America, but I have no idea when it is. At DirtNKids, we celebrate the tree every single day without fail. Here is a post from a ways back about the science of trees getting water all the way up to the top of their canopies. Super-suck! (

    Happy Tree Day!


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