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BOOTS OFF – Lights, Camera Action!

G’day everyone,

Here are the top 5 highlights from the past week in my garden. The past week has been full of excitement and new opportunities and I am happy that I can share my news with you all!

1. Friday the 17th of July I had the opportunity to star in an advertisement ad for Grow Better garden products. Still to this day I am very humble to have been given the chance to work on such an exciting job. This was my first time in front of a camera being filmed and it was a huge learning curve for me. One of my ultimate goals is to be able to educate others on the beauty and fun of Horticulture and this is the first step in that direction.

Thank you to James Wall for capturing this photo of me on the day and writing a wonderful short blog on me. If you would like to read up on my story click here:


2. This time of year is beautiful in the garden. It is always refreshing to see the bright colourful spring-flowering bulbs that are beginning to emerge in the gardens beds. Each year I plant hundreds of new bulbs in the hope to create a forest of flowers.


3. I tend to be someone who has an ever-growing list of ideas and jobs that need to be done. One project can be ticked off my ‘to-do-list’ as I finally got around to potting up some new bonsai’s. I love how these two turned out, it will be good to see how they perform and grow in the spring.©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2015

4. Frost and cold mornings are common each winter but the last few mornings were extremely cold. So cold in fact that sheets of ice formed in the fountain and the grass crunched and snapped with every footstep. But as much as it looked magical, there was a lot of frost damage on the plants.


5. I get asked on the odd occasion as to way I take photos. The answer is very simple, I love to capture/document moments in time. I have multiple hard-drives filled with thousands of photos of plants and different landscapes. Once I have a camera in hand I will be taking photos of anything that captures my imagination. This is a photo I took at the end of my driveway a few days ago. The sunshine through the trees and the misty clouds in the background give the photo a lot of character.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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