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BOOTS OFF MONDAY – Garden Goals?

G’day everyone,
I have been out and about and have had very little time in my own garden. Two weeks ago I was away spending some time camping along the great ocean road, and this weekend just gone I got to go explore a beautiful old garden. So instead of 5 highlights from my garden I have 5 highlights from another garden.

  1. Recently I celebrated my 22nd birthday and was given two tickets to go and explore Beleura House and Gardens.


  1. I didn’t expect to see so many succulents used throughout the gardens but it was a refreshing surprise. They gave the garden some more interest and worked as a great contrast against all the soft textures in the garden landscape. I particularly loved the look of the grand urns planted up with these Agaves.


  1. In this garden I knew a lot of the plants but there was one that left me stumped. I have never seen this plant before and the characteristics of the foliage and the flower remind me of a type of Abutilon. I will be searching through a few books in the hopes of identifying this one.


  1. Many people have ‘body goals’ but for me I have a similar thought about my garden, I have many ‘garden goals’. This old sun-room was sitting in the middle of the rose garden and has become the latest source for my inspiration. I am currently working on a rose garden of my own and I would love to create a space that you can sit and enjoy the summer sun with the fragrance of the roses.


  1. This is one of the best specimens I have seen of the Loropetalum chinense. I particularly love the habit and shape of these plants, the branches grow in a layered effect giving the plant a soft look. The hot pink flowers sit on the tips of the branches during winter to late spring which are very eye-catching against the green foliage.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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