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BOOTS OFF – Blooms of the Redvein Mallow

G’day everyone,
Here are the top 5 highlights from the past week in my garden.

1. Last year I was given cuttings of this beautiful plant from a work colleague from out of their own collection. Since then I have propagated another 8 plants and I have planted them around the garden. This is the Redvein Indian Mallow, Abutilon pictum.

If you would like to know more about its habit and growing conditions you can find it by clicking here.

2. As June approaches quickly and the nights becoming cooler, many of the deciduous trees in the garden are showing brilliant autumn colour. In the next few weeks these trees will drop their foliage, leaving a carpet of leaves. Every year I end up with a lot of leaf litter and I usually rake the fallen leaves onto the surrounding garden beds and use it as a mulch. They decompose quickly and are good at suppressing any weeds that might be starting to emerge.


3. As I was out in the garden over the weekend I noticed these little pink flowers that seemed to be popping up out of nowhere. These cute little flowers belong to Viola odorata ‘Pink’, which is a shade loving perennial. They grow best as an under-story plant under large shrubs and trees. What I love most about this plant is the sweet fragrance these little flowers produce.


4. Another ground-cover that is currently flowering and looking fantastic in my garden is Bacopa sutera. This is one of the longest flowering ground-covers around! The flowers start to emerge in early spring and continue to bloom through summer and autumn. They also spot flower through the winter season. I have both the purple and white form currently planted under my rose bushes. I am hoping they will eventually cover the ground to help smother out the weeds that keep emerging and help limit the amount of mulch that is needed in that area of the garden.


5. You know it is winter when the first Camellia flower blooms. I have a few camellias planted in the garden and they are all heavily covered in buds. In a matter of weeks the buds will burst open and will completely cover the plants in bright colourful blooms. But until then, this is the first flower to emerge and it may be simple but it is always exciting.  ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2015  By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


2 comments on “BOOTS OFF – Blooms of the Redvein Mallow

  1. Beautiful shots!!!


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