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Boots Off – Blooms to come

G’day everyone,

The past few days have been very busy with the lead up to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. I managed to go to the show on Friday and I will have a blog post coming up later this week or next week. Over the weekend I got to spend very little time in the garden as I have been working on another exciting project, but here are the top 5 highlights from the past week in my garden.

1. My Camellia trees are completely covered in flower buds that will start to pop open to reveal colourful blooms in the next few months. The weather is cooling down quite quickly and seeing these buds is just another reminder that winter isn’t too far away.


2. Due to the cold frosty nights the autumn colours on the deciduous maple trees are starting to become more noticeable. A few of my Japanese maples have already started to shred their summer coat, so to speak, and drop their foliage in preparation for winter. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to witness as much autumn colour this year.


3. I was taking a stroll through my garden and re-discovered a plant that I had forgotten about and had left to grow a little wild. It wasn’t until I got a sniff of the lemon scent that I stopped to fall in love again with my lemon scented Pelargonium. These plants are extremely tough and require very little attention beside the odd prune throughout the year.


4. In the cacti house this week my Faucaria tuberculosa plants are in flower. These beautiful yellow daisy-like flowers last for a few days before collapsing.


5. Salvia uliginosa, also referred to as the Bog Sage, is a tough perennial that can grow in heavy clay and wet boggy soil conditions. I love the vivid blue flowers that are currently blooming in the garden and I also find it to be a great option to attract bees in my garden.


 By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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