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BOOTS OFF MONDAY – Sweet Scented Blooms

G’day everyone,

Here are the top 5 highlights from last week in my garden.

1. Due to the sudden warm weather over the past few days all the flower buds on my Sempervivum arachnoideum have opened to reveal these pink blossoms. The flowers emerge on long leafy, green stalks throughout the summer season. The colour of the flowers can vary each season due to weather conditions and light levels. It is my first time seeing the flowers of this species so I was quite excited.


2. These are the vibrant flowers of the Big Red Geranium. I have this planted at the back of my glass house where it is exposed to full day sun and doesn’t get much water. It is thriving and has been flowering consistently since late September last year. Geranium’s are tough, low maintenance plants once they are established and only need to be fertilised a few times a year. I usually will fertilise my plant with a soluble fertiliser. The rich red flowers open to a span of 10-13cm (3-5inches)! This is one of the most popular Geranium species currently to date.


3. One of my favourite roses in my collection is the English rose called Yellow Charles Austin, which was discovered by David Austin in 1981. These golden flowers have a strong, sweet fragrance and are fantastic at repeat blooming throughout the season.


4. These petite lavender coloured flowers belong to a plant called Hosta ‘Dew Drop.‘ This is a low growing perennial which grows best in a shaded position. I have mine planted in all day shade as an understory planting to a few trees and shrubs. They are low maintenance and do not require too much water once established.


5. I went out to my glasshouse today to check on a few of my plants. I was very excited to see the first flower on my frangipani tree for the summer season. The weather has been very inconsistent and a lot of plants that were suppose to be flowering weeks ago are only just starting to produce flowers or are just starting to bloom now.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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