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G’day everyone,

Here are the top 5 highlights from the past week in my garden.

1. One of the most unusual roses in my collection is the Green Rose, Rosa Chinensis viridiflora. This rose is often seen as unattractive compared to many other rose varieties, but I find its blooms very beautiful and fascinating.


2. Over the past few weeks I have been keeping a close eye on my wisteria. This is because I am waiting for the developing seed pods to ripen enough so they can be picked. I hope by mid February I can start sowing some seeds.


3. A few weeks ago I accidentally broke a branch off my Frangipani tree. Devastated, I decided to try propagating the broken branch. I placed it in a 14cm pot with seed raising mix. I am happy to report that 3 weeks later it has started to put out new growth and root!


4. Many of the Eucalyptus trees are about to burst into full flower. Here is a photo of one of the gum nuts starting to open and revealing the colourful stamens.


5. I was working out in the garden when I almost walked right into the center of this web. Luckily I stopped just in time to notice this guy having a feed.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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