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G’day everyone,

Today I have a few updates since the last ‘Hanging in the Patch’ post. A lot of my vegetable seedlings that I planted two weeks ago have lots of healthy new growth and even some fruit that is starting to form.



The tomatoes that I grew from seed back in early September are now planted in my vegetable garden and are starting to put on a lot of new growth. In the next few weeks I should start seeing some flowers and fruit form!


My white strawberry plant that I bought a few weeks back has finally produced its first set of fruit! The fruit matures to a small size and does over-ripen quite quickly. Unfortunately I got to these too late and the taste was not so good. The next lot of strawberries that form I will need to make sure I pick them within a few days.

In one of the back paddocks we have decided to plow the soil and make more growing space for the larger growing vegetables.



By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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