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BOOTS OFF SUNDAY! – Colourful Blooms

G’day Everyone,

Here are the top 5 highlights from the past week in my garden!

1. Lately my glasshouse has had a rotten smell and  that usually means the flowers on my Starfish plant, Stapelia grandiflora, have finally opened. The flowers are always an impressive show but the smell is never too pleasant.©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2014

2. As the warm weather starts to settle in, most of the plants in my garden are coming into full bloom. But there is also a great display of foliage at the moment in my garden. At the moment this is one of my favourite species of Canna lily, called Canna ‘Phasion.’ This variety is fast growing and has a clumping habit. In the next few weeks brilliant orange flowers will emerge just above the foliage.


3. Last year these Russell Lupins, Lupinus polyphyllus, were planted in the garden beds near the chicken coop. They can grow to a maximum height of 1 -1.2 meters and have a total width of 50cm. This is their first time flowering since being planted last year, and the flowers are starting to emerge as brilliant purples, reds and whites.


4. Another plant that I am loving at the moment is my Brugmansia x candidaAlba Plena.‘ This plant has been flowering constantly for the last few months and it has plenty more buds still waiting to open.


5. I was down at my local nursery over the weekend and I was excited to see the colourful blooms of the Hydrangea plants that have just come into season. I do not have many Hydrangea in my garden at the moment but after seeing these vibrant blooms I am very tempted to go out and purchase a few different colours, just to add to my on-going collection of plants…


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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