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BOOTS OFF SUNDAY! – Fixing the Patch

G’day everyone,
Here are my top 5 highlights from the past week in the garden!

1. I finally did it! I finally started fixing up my vegetable patch! I could not leave it too much longer or else I would miss out on planting all my veggies for this season! In the vegetable garden I have nine raised garden beds, three are planted up with herbs, one is full of strawberries, another filled with potatoes and the remaining four are filled with old winter vegetables that are looking past their ‘use-by-date’. I decided to rip out all the old vegetable plants, fix the soil and re-plant. Later this week, on Friday, I will be starting another series for this blog called ‘Hanging in the Patch’. This series will be featuring what I am going to be growing this season and what I am growing by seeds, propagation etc. So I hope that you will enjoy what is to come!


2. Recently I went to a local florist just to take a peek at what products they have on offer. I stumbled across this 25cm bowl full of succulents! This planter pot cost me $30.00, which I thought was a bargain! Later this week I will divide most of these little plants up and re-plant them into their own pots. There is easily close to a hundred succulent cuttings within this bowl! ©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2014

3. Somewhat garden related are these herbal teas that I picked up over the weekend. These teas are made in Australia and are made from all different ingredients by a company called Unearthed Tea. The first one that I got is called ‘Billy Tea’, this tea is made up of Eucalyptus leaves, nuts and flowers, which surprisingly has a very subtle taste. I also got the ‘Christmas Tea’ which tastes like Christmas cake, almonds and a subtle hint of rose. Back in June I planted out a herbal tea garden but haven’t yet tried to make up any of my own teas. After tasting these teas and loving both, it has re-inspired me to try and conjurer up my own home-grown teas.


4. Knowing that summer is not too far away, I have been trying to get as many of my plants that are still in their pots planted into the garden. I have about another 80 pots to plant in the next few weeks.


5. Growing at the base of my rose bushes is this little Japanese maple. It is amazing what you can discover in your garden!


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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