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G’day everyone,

Here are my top 5 highlights from the past week in the garden! It is an exciting time in the garden at the moment because of all the flowers that are currently on display and the fruit that is starting to form!

1. After fixing my strawberry patch back in early August, I collected the first harvest of fresh strawberries for the season! The difference in taste when you grow your own fruit and vegetables, compared to what you buy at the grocery stores, is highly rewarding and worth the time it takes to receive your first harvest!


 2. Last week I showed you these funky planter pots that were given to me by my mum. After rummaging through my cacti and succulents, I managed to find the perfect succulents to pot up into these little pots. I think they look brilliantespecially the one of the left (which is my favourite)!


 3. The rose bushes in my garden are flourishing with new growth and flowers! Here is just a small selection of the flowers that we collected to try and dry them out. Hopefully the colours and shapes of the blooms can be preserved! I will post some photos later this week to let you know how we went!


   4. The flowers buds on my Zygo cactus have finally opened with the warmer weather we experienced over the last few days.The buds have opened to reveal these beautiful salmon coloured flowers. The flowers measure 10cm long and 8cm wide!


5. My grape vines have finished flowering and as a result I have hundreds of little grapes starting to form. In another 8 weeks these little guys should be ready for picking! This will be their second time to ever fruit. Last year the crop was very small and the fruit was not of a great size, which is quite common when they fruit for the very first time. In most cases it can take up to 2 -3 years for a grape vine to produce proper quantities and good sized fruit.  So fingers crossed that the grapes will be even better this season!


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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