BOOTS OFF SUNDAY! – Colours of Spring

 G’day everyone,

Here are my top 5 highlights from past week in the garden!

1. I have been waiting for weeks for my Rhododendrons flower buds to open! When I was out in the garden on Friday I saw this little guy in full bloom! I stopped what I was doing and went to find my camera to take a few snaps! None of my photos are edited, the colour you see is the true colouring of the Rhododendron flower.

‘Kenloch Purple’

2. My tree Begonia has gotten to the stage that it was in need of a haircut. As a result I decided it was a good opportunity to make a few cuttings! I managed to make 18 cuttings. I have potted them up into seed and propagation mix. I currently have the cuttings growing inside my glasshouse. Having these growing in a glasshouse, roots should start to form within 10-18 days.


3. I have wild Nasturtiums that are flourishing around my property, and in the last few days all the flower buds have sprung open. The beautiful orange and golden flowers are a real standout in the garden and contrast brilliantly against their sage-green foliage! The great thing about these plants is that the flowers are edible! So I  will be picking a few flowers to add to my salads.


4. My roses are flowering a little early this year, but in no means am I complaining! Unfortunately I am not too sure what variety this rose is but it has a wonderful perfume!


5. I love being able to go out into my vegetable patch and collect a whole bunch of homegrown produce. Lately I have been able to enjoy my homegrown potatoes. But I will need to dig most of these back into the soil so I can enjoy a harvest early next year. (Hopefully the rabbits will stop digging them up!)


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs



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