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Boots off Sunday!

G’day everyone,

Here are my top 5 highlights for the past week!

1. My beetroots are finally ready to harvest! After a few months of waiting, they have rewarded me with such beautiful produce. I can not wait to bottle these guys!


2. The cherry blossoms trees are still in full bloom in my garden. My weeping cherry trees have started to flower for the first time, since planting them. Once they have finished flowering, I will be giving them a healthy prune. This will encourage a stronger branching network and more flowers for next year.


3. The Iris bulbs are producing lots of flowers compared to what they have done in previous years. The colour on these are a brilliant royal blue, which look great planted under my Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ trees.


4. This is the first rose bud that is starting to emerge on my roses. I am looking forward to the spring weather when all my spring and summer flowers will start to blossom, especially all of my roses.


5. My last highlight for the week is my chooks! They have been having a blast in the garden lately, they get about 6 hours a day to run freely around the property, before they are put into bed. Also due to the nicer weather the girls have been laying eggs everyday. Slowly the collection of eggs I have been gathering has started to increase. It is at the point there is so many eggs, I am not using them fast enough. I might have to start baking a few cakes and start eating bacon and eggs for breakfast.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


3 comments on “Boots off Sunday!

  1. What variety are those beetroots? All the ones I’ve seen are so small! Your weeping cherry is looking great! I hope you do a post or video when you prune it. I’ve also got Iris’s, but mind hasn’t bloom I think it’s because I’ve planted it to late.hopefully when It does, it will look as good as yours.This is my first year gardening and blogging, I hope you don’t mind that each time you do something interesting, I then try and learn of you and recreate it in my own back yard as well .e.g the giant pumpkin that your planting! Please let me know if this a problem.Most plant that you post makes me want to get my own, because the are so interesting and being in the same climate zone also really help. Because it gets very confusing every time I read something it’s from a different climate, hence causing me constantly plant at the wrong time. So your blogs really do help me allot!!!!! Thank you so much. I always look forward every weekend to reading it!


    • The variety of beetroot is called Beta vulgaris (common beetroot). I grew mine from a punnet (Oasis Beetroot) from my local nursery.
      The cherry trees have been in the ground for 18 months and this is their first year flowering.
      I will keep it in mind to do a video or a picture demonstration on how to prune a cherry tree! I will aim to do it in the next few weeks once all the flowers have dropped. This is the first year my Iris’s have flowered in the garden, I planted mine last year. Hopefully next year yours will bloom! I am so glad that I have been able to help inspire you. This is why I started my blog in the first place, I wanted to help others if they weren’t sure and to hopefully inspire others to get out and give gardening a go. I am happy to know that you are going out and trying new things in your garden! It is all about learning along the way! I truly appreciate your comment and you can look forward to lots of new blogs in the next few weeks! I have a few things planned 🙂


  2. I have great news! My Iris have just flowered. The flower was closed in the morning and the same afternoon it just open, I was so excited I ran in and got my camera so I can post the pics for you to see.

    check out the pics

    I still recon yours look better tho!

    I’ve also planted (for the first time) some beetroots too 🙂


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