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Boots Off Sunday

G’day everyone,

Here are my top 5 highlights of the week spent in my garden!

 1. My Pumpkin and corn seeds that I sowed about a fortnight ago have sprouted and are ready to be repotted! You can see the white roots growing through the base of the tray already. I am looking forward to growing these little guys.



2. I bought my sister a plant as a fun gift and it is the first plant she has ever potted up. Hopefully this Kalanchoe blossfeldiana will grow for her.


3. Later this week I will have a blog post going up about the Diggers garden nursery. While I was there I stumbled across the ‘Wasabi’ plant that I have been hunting for a long time! I am looking forward to when I am able to start harvesting and making my own wasabi paste. 

4. Lately it seems like I have been digging up a lot of rabbit holes in my veggie patch. Every time I go to plant a herb or clean my veggie patch, the soil caves in and reveals a rabbit burrow. This time I came across two rabbit burrows in one day, and out of one of the burrows ran three baby bunnies! In the photo below is one of the rabbit burrows that I stumbled across, and the entrance is a good foot long.



5. My radishes that I planted out about a month ago are ready to be harvested! Usually I let them swell to about 1cm wide and 1-2cm long. Unfortunately, if you let them get too big the texture and flavor won’t be as nice. I am looking forward to adding fresh radish into my salads and cooked meals.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


3 comments on “Boots Off Sunday

  1. Good luck with your pumpkins! Are those the giant ones that you got from the digger’s club? I too got some after reading your blog and getting the address at the nursery, I have sowed them indoors 3-4 days ago, I’m a bit nervous as I haven’t seen anything germinate yet. Is it safe to sow some outside now as well?


    • Yep, those are the seeds of the Cucurbita maxima (world’s largest pumpkin) that I brought from Digger’s club. I will be re-potting them this weekend. The seeds that you have growing inside will naturally take a bit longer to germinate. It could take another 6 days until they might start to sprout. Make sure the soil is kept damp and in a well-lit area. As for growing them outside, pumpkin seeds require a minimum soil temperature of around 20 degrees to germinate. The next 7 days are looking good weather wise and we are expecting warmer temperatures, so you could definitely try growing some seeds outside in a sunny spot in small pots, with seed raising mix.
      Happy Gardening!


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